What is Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic RadiationElectromagnetic radiation is of two types, Ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. In this, ionizing radiation is more dangerous than non-ionizing radiation since it has the power to ionize particles in its path. Higher frequency radiation like X-Rays and gamma rays are ionizing radiations. Exposure to this kind of radiation is quite dangerous and sometimes results in death. In today’s world, it is impossible to escape electromagnetic radiation. Our whole world is buzzing with electromagnetic radiation caused by cell phones, radio and TV signal transmission, power lines, microwaves, hair dryers etc. We are exposed to electromagnetic radiation wherever we go, whether in office, school, home or on the road.


Electromagnetic Radiation ExposureWith such levels of exposure to electromagnetic radiation, comes the fear of radiation poisoning. Many fear that electromagnetic radiation causes cancer. Though many studies have been conducted on this topic, nothing conclusive has been said about cancer caused by radiation. The scientists who have studied the effects of radiation say that there isn’t enough concrete data available to study the effects of long term radiation exposure. But there are also scientists who believe that there has been an increase in the rate of cancers and tumors in the latest years.  They attribute this to the increase in electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere.


Damaged DNA is believed to be the cause for cancer. Scientists are of the opinion that the radiation which is emitted into the atmosphere by cell phones and other electrical appliances, are not strong enough to cause damage to our cells. Studies are still going on to find out whether electromagnetic radiation and the increase in the number of cancer and tumor patients are connected.


We need electromagnetic protection

In this scenario, there are few things we can do to protect ourselves from radiation. Becoming aware of the dangerous of electromagnetic radiation is the first step. Knowing what causes radiation and what are the harmful levels of radiation is the first step towards shielding oneself from this danger. Though cell phones emit only slight levels of electromagnetic radiation, it is best to use it as less as possible. Since the effect of long term use of cell phones are still under study, taking precautions to safe guard oneself is very important. Using cell phones in areas of low reception should be avoided, as the Electromagnetic radiation during this time is more. Unplug all appliances when they are not in use. When there is no electricity running through them, they cannot emit electromagnetic radiation.


Types Of Electromagnetic Radiation

Types of electromagnetic radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum range from the high frequency gamma rays to the low frequency radio waves. Hence the different types of electromagnetic radiation cover wavelengths from a fraction of the size of an atom and thousands of kilometers. The various types of electromagnetic radiation are described by their wavelength and frequency. If a wave has a low wavelength compared to others then its frequency is high. The behavior of the various types of electromagnetic radiation depends on their wavelength.
The different types of electromagnetic radiation are described below according to the descending order of their wavelength. Continue reading

What Is Electromagnetic Energy And What Are Its Different Types?

The energy radiated by light waves and other type of waves is referred to as electromagnetic energy. These other types of waves excluding the light waves that generate electromagnetic energy are radio waves, micro waves, infrared waves, X rays and gamma waves. These waves in electromagnetic radiation are classified according to their wavelength or frequency.  The frequency which can be felt by our eyes is in visible light only. Other forms of waves cannot be seen by naked eye. The waves in electromagnetic energy have electric and magnetic components. Both these components travel in right angular direction to each other at the speed of light. Electrons are the main source of Electromagnetic energy.  When rapid moving electrons come across a region of force then they produce electromagnetic energy depending upon the magnitude of force. The energy released by an electron upon charging varies according to how far it lies from the nucleus in an atom. Continue reading